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Exotic Meats

This is a range of meat for the more adventurous of you!  Most items kept in stock – if not they are easily ordered in!  Most are perfect to replace chicken, pork or steak with accompaniments of your choosing.  Also good for the great British Barbeque!

Choose From;

VENISON Probably the most popular large game meat eaten today.
WILD BOAR Its meat is richer, leaner and stronger tasting than pork.
CROCODILE A firm texture, light-coloured meat with a delicate fishy taste.
FROGS LEGS Delicate, tender and sweet. Similar to white meat of a very young chicken.
OSTRICH Low in cholesterol and high in protein, one of the healthiest red meats available.
KANGAROO Tender, high in protein, low in cholesterol less than 2% fat.
BLESBOK Exceptionally tender and juicy red meat.
SPRINGBOK Low fat red meat which is tender and juicy.
BISON Except for its colour which is a deeper red, buffalo cuts are identical to beef.
MOOSE A lean meat with a soft gamey flavour.
CAMEL A sweet mutton like taste, strongly textured meat best used in casseroles or stews.
REINDEER (in season) - Reindeer meat is fine game, its distinctive feature is its dark color.

All subject to availability